Reputation Management

Nothing Delivers Better ROI

Social media has changed the business landscape. Today, Reputation Management is a necessity for any business. For instance, 85% of consumers said they trusted anonymous reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends!

As a result of that, it is mission critical to have a well considered reputation management strategy. Bad reviews can ruin what took years to build. Conversely, they can take a business to new heights if handled properly. For example, the Harvard Business Review says that a one-star increase in your review score is worth up to 9% more in annual revenue. Can you think of another marketing tactic that delivers that type of ROI?

To that end, our reputation management platform mitigates the likelihood of poor customer reviews before they happen. Conversely, it encourages more positive customer reviews.

The video (right) explains how it works. In addition, there's a link below to an infographic with more detail.

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