Identity Resolution

We Can Turn Your Anonymous Website Traffic Into Actual Prospects

What Is It

Ignite ID resolves the identity of 50% - 70% of your website visitors. When our advanced SMART pixel is added to your website, we're able to collect and analyze the behavior of your website visitors both pre and post-click.

Check out the video (right) for more detail.

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How It Works

When someone visits your website (or campaign landing page), we capture their cryptographic hash or device ID. When we compare that information to the 200M+ U.S. consumers in our Identity Graph, we get a permanent and portable record of a large percentage of your website traffic.

The Benefit To You

You now have the ability to retarget your actual website visitors both online and offline. This is essentially a new revenue stream, because these people were previously anonymous to you. Now, they can be your quickest and best path to profit.

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Additional Upside

You can create incredibly accurate behavioral look-alike audiences from your actual website visitors, not unreliable IP addresses or cookies that expire. The result is you can reach people who have exhibited similar online behaviors (keyword search, content consumption, URL navigation, etc.) to your actual visitors.

Adding a look-alike audience of that quality to your marketing mix will quickly and significantly grow your pool of interested prospects.

You can pair our Identity Resolution product with other services like Digital Marketing, Geofencing, SEO and Reputation Management for even greater impact.

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