Audience Targeting By Behavioral Intent

Geofencing provides an exciting new opportunity for advertisers. In fact, it allows them to target people based on their physical activities, or their behavioral intent. As a result, we can target precise areas such as stores, stadiums, malls or your competitors locations. That is to say, pretty much anywhere.

Here's how it works: Once someone crosses a geofenced location, we're able to capture their device ID. Subsequently, we're able to serve them digital ads for the next 30 days. This allows you to continually re-engage prospects who have exhibited buying intent.

In addition, we can also set up conversion zones. We do this by creating a geofence around your business location. Consequently, this enables you to track who has seen your ads and then confirm if they've visited your business. 

Here are some additional benefits of geofencing:

  • It's the most targeted form of digital advertising.
  • You're able to reach people based on their behavioral intent.
  • You can measure both online and offline conversions.
  • The ad spend is more efficient because the audience targeting is more precise.

You can pair our geofencing services with our Digital Advertising and Customer Insight services for greater impact.

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iPad showing a map where geofencing is employed at many different locations.
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