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Powerful Machine Learning Software

Our digital advertising platform combines machine-learning algorithms with a team of performance marketing experts to implement it.

Data-driven optimization is at the heart of profitable ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. However, it takes collaboration to really supercharge your online growth. We work with your team to ensure all aspects of the campaign are on target.

Artificial Intelligence Robot

AI Optimizations In Real Time

When we link your Google AdWords and Facebook Ad accounts to our platform, it begins analyzing your data for specific trends that are most influencing performance.

In time, the algorithm creates a knowledge set unique to your business and an optimization roadmap to help drive maximum ROI.

Graphic of globe with technology icons spinning around it signifying big data

Identify & Reach Your Ideal Customer

The moment the software identifies statistically significant trends, it makes optimization recommendations to improve campaign performance. 

Whether it’s reallocating budget towards a BMW SUV shopper in Dallas or adding specific keywords from ad groups, our data-driven optimizations leave no metric uncovered.

You can pair our Digital Advertising platform with our Brand Activation, Geofencing and Strategy & Consultation services for even greater impact.

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Fast Optimizations

  • Complete Account Management
  • Campaign Creation
  • Real-time campaign optimization
  • A/B testing of ad copy & creative
  • Campaign strategy
  • Supports all Google, Facebook & Instagram campaign types

Total Transparency

  • Mobile App Dashboard
  • Customizable Web Dashboard
  • Weekly PDF Email Reports
  • Aggregate reporting across Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Client Support

  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Ongoing campaign email support
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